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The Milton Keynes and District League Swimming League aims to promote and develop competitive team swimming in children between the inclusive ages of 9 to 12 years old. As such, it is referred to as a development league. The league runs currently with three divisions consisting of a maximum of 18 teams, competition consists of three separate rounds with three simultaneous galas taking place in each round in each division. Currently the three rounds are held in June, July and September. The teams swim a fixed programme of 49 events consisting of individual and relay events including a squadron relay. The galas are scored by awarding (in a six team gala) 6 points to the first team and so on down to 1 point for the club finishing sixth in each eventLeague points are also awarded depending on the position clubs finish within their respective galas. Round 1 is a random draw as to which gala individual clubs swim in, Round 2 draw is based on Round 1 results and Round 3 is based on the combined Round 1 and 2 results. The winners of each division are the club that gain the most league points from the three rounds. Full details of the scoring are found in the League Rules.

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